Single-handed divider


Single-handed divider made with high-quality brass arms and precision stainless steel tips. Designed with a single-handed pattern, the ‘bow’ pattern arms cross over so that they can be adjusted easily with one hand.



Set sail confidently with our 8-inch Single-handed Divider—a must-have precision tool. Crafted with premium brass arms and precision stainless steel tips, this divider embodies durability and accuracy, ensuring it stands the test of time on your nautical journeys.

Engineered for convenience by Weems & Plath, its innovative single-handed design allows for easy one-handed adjustments. The elegantly crafted ‘bow’ arms cross over seamlessly, enabling swift and precise markings or measurements on your nautical charts. This means smoother navigation, even when the seas are challenging.

Whether you’re charting courses, measuring distances, or pinpointing exact positions, this reliable tool simplifies the process. Its ergonomic build not only ensures accuracy but also enhances your navigation experience, making every step of plotting effortless and exact.

Navigating the open waters demands tools that are both reliable and efficient. Our single-handed divider is your trusted companion, offering not just accuracy but also convenience, simplifying the complexities of maritime exploration.

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