RYA Sea Survival Course


Prepare for any maritime adventure with our RYA Sea Survival Course. Gain essential skills and emergency procedures, ensuring you’re ready to navigate the high seas.



Designed specifically by our team, the RYA Sea Survival Course aims to equip sailors and boating enthusiasts with essential skills for navigating through emergencies and unforeseen challenges on the water. Join us to ensure you’re thoroughly prepared for any maritime adventure that comes your way.

Why Choose Our RYA Sea Survival Course?

  1. RYA-Certified Instructors:
    • Gain invaluable insights from our team of seasoned professionals, all RYA-certified and deeply passionate about sea safety. Benefit significantly from their expertise as they skilfully guide you through the intricacies and nuances of sea survival.
  2. Realistic Simulation Training:
    • Engage in immersive, hands-on simulations that replicate real-life emergencies with striking realism. Utilise a diverse array of training equipment, including training rafts, and specialised tools such as EPIRBS and SARTs, to practice calling for help and prepare for various scenarios.
  3. Comprehensive Curriculum:
    • Encompassing a wide spectrum of topics, our course delves into critical aspects, ranging from life raft deployment to the effective use of flares, ensuring comprehensive proficiency in sea survival essentials. Additionally, we supplement this learning with a range of MAIB reports that offer real-life incident examples, further reinforcing your understanding.

What You’ll Learn:

  1. Preparation for sea survival
  2. Lifejackets and life rafts
  3. Principles of survival
  4. Survival craft ailments
  5. Raft management
  6. Search and rescue

Course Benefits:

  • Enhanced Safety Awareness:
    • Develop a heightened awareness of potential dangers at sea.
  • Confidence in Emergency Situations:
    • Gain the confidence to respond effectively to emergencies.
  • RYA Certification:
    • Receive an internationally recognized RYA certificate upon completion.

How to Enrol:

Ready to enhance your sea survival skills? Enrol in our RYA Sea Survival Course today! Visit our website or contact us here.

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26th Apr 24, 26th May 24