RYA VHF Radio Course and Exam


The RYA VHF Course, also known as the Short Range Certificate (SRC) course is the minimum qualification required to operate marine VHF radio equipment on a UK-flagged vessel.


A VHF Radio is one of the most important pieces of safety equipment you can purchase for your craft. You must know how to operate it, and that you conform to the legal requirements for its use.

The RYA VHF Radio Course, also known as the Short Range Certificate (SRC). Can be taken either in the classroom or online. The materials covered within the course will be the same, so you can simply pick the method of study that suits you best. An example of the course can be seen here: https://youtu.be/a0CEKRLey9Q 

The marine VHF radio can be used under the supervision of a licensed operator.

Note: that any person operating a marine VHF radio without the correct Authority to Operate and a ship’s radio license. Are liable for prosecution and may have the equipment confiscated.

The one-day RYA SRC/VHF Radio course teaches the basics of VHF radio operation. This includes the correct channels to be used and distress, and emergency & medical assistance procedures. We use training radio sets in the classroom so you can become confident using the various controls and DSC functions.

The online course has a built-in simulator, allowing you to practise these same tasks.  The VHF radio network has undergone great change with the implementation of the Global Maritime Distress System (GMDSS.).


For either course, there is an exam at the end of the course (which can be taken at our centre). If you book the classroom course the exam is run back to back on the same day. If you book the online course, then we will arrange an exam when you are ready. You will be allocated time before your exam to get familiar with the marine VHF radio.

RYA Interactive Course Access Details
  • To enable access to the RYA SRC course we need to share some of your personal data with the RYA via your user profile in RYA Interactive. This online learning portal is hosted and maintained by a third party (Learning Pool), which will not use your personal information for any reason other than enabling your course.
  • Your name and email address will be entered on RYA Interactive to create your user account. On your first access to the site, you are asked to enter your address and date of birth.
  • You will have access to the site for one year to complete your online course. During this period, your personal information will be held on the RYA interactive site. This will be available to this training centre and the RYA only to manage your course.
  • On completion of the RYA SRC course, your name, email address, date of birth and address are transferred to the RYA. This is to record details of the course and any certification earnt.
  • This information allows the RYA to record your certification, update any records they may hold about you or your qualifications and verify your certificate.
  • After one year from the date of your last login, your user account will be removed from RYA Interactive.

Full details of how the RYA deal with your personal information is displayed when you first access RYA Interactive.

Instructional support will be provided by Wavelength Training Ltd for the duration of your course.

RYA courses are supplied by the RTC “Wavelength Training” at Carrickfergus Marina, or through the RYA Interactive site.

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