At Wavelength Training Ltd, our credentials speak volumes – accredited by RYA as a Training Centre and proudly serving as a trusted Delivery Partner for British Canoeing. While our operational hub is based in Northern Ireland. We’re more than willing to extend our services beyond to cater specifically to our customers’ requirements. Our dedicated team of instructors are all equipped with commercial endorsements. They harness their extensive expertise garnered from operating in diverse regions, including Europe and Australia.

Our RYA Training Centre can provide a comprehensive range of courses necessary to operate a boat. both for recreational and commercial purposes. Whether you want to try out boating in a safe environment or build confidence when undertaking day trips on your own, Wavelength Training can help.

As an RYA Training Centre, we offer an extensive array of courses essential for proficiently operating a boat. Tailored for both recreational enthusiasts and those pursuing commercial endeavours. Whether you’re looking to dip your toes into the world of boating within a secure environment or aiming to bolster your confidence for self-reliant day trips.

Our comprehensive courses encompass everything from fundamental skill-building to advanced techniques, ensuring a holistic understanding of safe and efficient boating practices. We prioritise not just instruction but also fostering a culture of confidence and proficiency on the water, equipping individuals with the skills needed for enjoyable and secure experiences.

RYA Training Centre